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Time Keeper

The Personnel Solution
Multiple Identification Methods

Employees can be identified by the software using multiple input methods.  These methods include username and password, PIN #'s, and the most secure method, Fujitsu Palm Scanners.

Clock In/Out screen in Time Keeper for school nutrition provided by Mogle Solutions.
In your world time is like money. There's not enough, and it never lasts.
Why Time Keeper?

Time Keeper from Mogle Solutions lets you account for all employee hours accurately so you know how they're spent.  This solution is a comprehensive, secure, cost-effective and user-friendly way to manage staff labor hours and absenteeism.

Designed with you in mind

When we were creating the Time Keeper solution, we talked to customers about what they wanted.  Simplicity and flexibility were high on the list.  That's why our clients appreciate the fact that employees can clock in and out quickly using multiple identification methods.  It's also why staff can log into the system from any PC, not just designated computers.

Benefits for all

Time Keeper is great fit for districts of all sizes.  It's simplicity and ease of use are a perfect combination for anyone looking to streamline their time management needs.  Comprehensive reporting and tracking make it a valuable management tool.

Payroll Integration

Data exports can be configured using our built-in scheduled job utility, and allows for integration with most 3rd party payroll systems.

Electronic Time Sheets

Time Sheets can be configured to be used "electronically" in conjunction with district defined pay periods.  The approval process allows for up to 3 tiers of approval.

Single Central Database

Designed with a single central database, the system uses the server time clock to prevent fraud, allows employee and user access from any PC, and centralized upgrades and backups.

Comprehensive Reporting

The system includes multiple exception and tracking reports for any changes made to employee activity.  It also includes a unique built-in custom report design tool that allows customers the freedom to create robust custom reports.

Multiple Job Codes

We know in school nutrition that employees can wear many different hats.  That's why we designed a system that can work with multiple, user-definable job codes per employee.

Employee Imports

Import employee data from most 3rd party software packages for quick implementation.


Schedule a demonstration to get an in-depth view of all the features we have to offer.

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